Rules & Regulations

The teacher trainees, should be self disciplined, well behaved, good mannered, polite, courteous, punctual, sincere, prompt, regular in and out side the campus and attend college in neat and tidy uniform on all working days.

Meeting or calling the lecturers and teacher trainees over phone during college hours is strictly prohibited…

The teacher trainees will not be permitted to leave the college premises during working hours without the permission of the principal.

Parents are welcome to meet the principal and they may come with suggestions for improvement and healthy functioning of the institutions.

Serve action will be taken against those who damage the college properties. The cost of replacement will be recovered from the teacher trainees.

The campus and classroom should be kept clean at all times. Waste paper should always be put in to the waste paper basket kept for that purpose.

No transfer Certificates will be kept given unless all the dues to the college are paid.

Mobile phones are not allowed inside the campus.

The teacher trainees shall not loiter on the veranda. Absolute silence must be maintained movements.

Smoking and use of alcohol is strictly prohibited within the campus.

The teacher trainees are advised not to wear caps inside the campus.

The teacher trainees shall behave gentlemanly inside and outside the college campus. Indecent behavior towards teacher or fellow trainees or others will entail serious punishment.

The teacher trainees should move when proceeding from one classroom to another without disturbing the classes at work.